School Services

Training Services for Teachers, Administrators and Staff

  • Building Peace, Respect and Community
  • Eliminating Bullying/Sexual Harassment
  • Effectively Resolving Conflict
  • Responding Effectively to Disruptive
  • Preventing Suicide
  • Learning Differences Between Girls and Boys
  • Helping Boys/Girls Succeed
    Academically and Socially
  • Developing Emotional Intelligence/Social Competence
  • Eliminating Stress and Building Resilience for Teachers
  • Team Building
  • Developing Cross-Cultural Competence and Understanding
  • Implementing Peer Mediation
  • Restorative Justice
  • Helping Students Overcome Depression/Anxiety
  • Child Abuse/Neglect
  • Working with Children with Learning Challenges
    and “Special Needs”
  • Minority Recruitment
Training Services for Students

  • Eliminating Bullying/Sexual Harassment
  • Building Respect and Community
  • Developing Cross-Cultural Understanding
  • Character Education
  • Effectively Resolving Conflict
  • Leadership Training
  • Team Building
  • DNA Discussion Project
  • Drug/Alcohol Education

Additional Services

  • Observation and coaching for teachers concerning building community within their classrooms
  • Consultation concerning students who have been bullied or have behavioral challenges

“Nate and Anita provided an atmosphere that created a collaborative environment for our administrative team to openly discuss strategies to address sensitive student and staff issues.  Thank you for an engaging and reflective  session.”
Carol Mizrahi, Monroe Township School District